MB Petroleum

MB Petroleum is one of the largest oilfield service companies in the Middle East.  The MB Petroleum group has a presence in more than twelve countries, with offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.  The group provides drilling and has integrated well services in Oman, Germany, Hungary, China, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen.

Storage Tanks

Spartan Inc is fabricating 4 Storage Tanks for MB Petroleum.  The Storage Tanks are 102″ OD x 24′ seam to seam 125 PSI 450° F Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessels.  The Vessel piping fabricated to ASME B31.1 Structural welding conformed to the requirements of AWS D1.1.

Gauge Tanks

Spartan Inc is fabricating 6 Gauge Tanks for MB Petroleum.  The Gauge Tanks are 84″ OD x 5 seam to seam 50 PSI 120°F Section VIII Division 1 pressure vessels.  The Vessel process piping fabrication to ASME B31.3 structural welding conformed to the requirments of AWS D1.1.

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