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FABRICATION SPECIALIST, and ASME Mr. Wood has over 30 years of professional experience in project management, project coordination, design supervision and all phases of piping design including piping layouts, platform orientation, checking, material take off, piping isometrics, piping stress analysis, estimating, planning and scheduling. Mr. Wood also has extensive construction field experience in resolving design problems and construction management. Experience in both upstream oil production facilities and downstream facilities such as dehydration plants, water plants, shipping stations, gas plants, co-generation facilities and refineries.


GENERAL MANAGER/PROJECT CONSULTING:  Mr. Phinney has 20 years of experience with managing, maintaining and operating tactical combat refueling systems and assisted with the revision and development of tactical fuel system stock listings and new equipment fielding. Mr. Phinney currently manages Spartan Inc’s, Quality Assurance Program along with the ASME code stamp accreditation and fabrication projects.


PRINCIPAL PIPING DESIGNER/QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER:  Mr. Friday has 12 years of design experience. His experience ranges from heavy layout, checking, and drawing of major process equipment and facilities, both above-ground and underground to process plant and refinery field experience. He is familiar with Industry design practices and codes, CAD file management and CAD software. Advanced capabilities in preparation of drawings in 3D and 2D include; piping and instrument diagrams, piping arrangement plans and elevations, piping isometrics/ underground piping and drawing plans, piping shop fabrication spools, piping stress studies and analogs, plot plans and foundation location plans, pipe supports, platforms and other steel details, vessel fabrication drawings, SPCC studies/ Firewater. The type of facilities Mr. Friday has worked on are grass-roots refineries, oil, water, and gas plants, pipelines and tank farms, geothermal power plants, compressor units, meter stations, and loading stations.


SHOP MANAGER/PROJECT MANAGER: Mr. Johnson has over 20 years experience of tank fabrication in ASME, API650, API12F, UL142, UL58, 2085 vaulted tanks, and galvanized water storage. Mr. Johnson also has over 40 years experience in shop fabrication equipment, shear, press break, plate rolls, angle rolls, flanges, and band saw. In addition, experience in metal fabrication including beam fabrication, lappers, platforms, and truck utility beds.


Business Development Manager/ Quality Control Documentation: Highly skilled M.A. graduate and Project Manager with 12 years of customer service and sales experience; and, 5 years of hunting sales, consulting, and marketing experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. Team oriented with an understanding of complex organizations and functions. Consistent success in business development and initiating and implementing special projects. Strengths include customer relationship management, project development, and data analysis.

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